Our Services

Our Services

Bridging the gap between your customers and your goals

A virtual space for you to put money aside towards your Savings Goals. Maybe that’s a holiday (for personal accounts), a wedding (for joint accounts) or a new laptop (for business customers). You can see how close you’re getting with our progress tracker.

Online banking tailored to all your needs

Maybe the payment information you need is in an email or you simply want to see everything on a bigger screen. Whatever makes online banking good for you, go online with Woohoo Bank.

Merchant Services

Payment processing for you business.Extend your services reach and earn more by simply accepting payments through money transfer from your customers.

Loan Products

Whatever you’re planning for the future – investing in your education, a new car, home improvements or that trip of a lifetime – you can turn your plans into reality with a personal loan.


If you’re a First Time Buyer and you’d prefer to speak with our mortgage team, you can start your application. Up to 90% purchase price for residential mortgages

Online Banking

Online banking comes in handy in all kinds of scenarios – whether you run your own business or just prefer using your laptop over your mobile. Here are just some of the main..

Investment Banking

Our Investment Banking teams deliver high-quality strategic advice and creative financing solutions to our clients, including mergers and acquisitions, financing, and risk management transactions.

Corporate Banking

Woohoo Bank’s mission is to deliver the best possible banking services at a reasonable cost. With our sophisticated network and a readily available online platform.

Online Banking
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merchant banking

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We’ll show you where you’re spending – whether that’s on things like entertainment, holidays, transport and more. Want to see the transactions you made between two specific dates? Just use the filters (which are currently exclusive to online banking).