About us

About us

Woohoo Bank

Our team’s backgrounds include experienced careers in a wide array of industries to leverage various competencies and provide broad market coverage.

Let our decades of working knowledge serve you as we seek to build a successful strategic relationship. Our goal is to educate and inform our clientele in-line with our fiduciary pledge.

Our certifications and credibility stand for themselves, so why settle for the old business models in financial services?

Elevating Financial Services to a Platform of Responsibility and Long-Term Relationships is our Aspiration.

Mountaineers faced seemingly insurmountable challenges when choosing to overcome the hurdles of Everest. Yet, the dream of conquering the world’s tallest peak inspired humans to confront their greatest fears and triumph in the face of serious adversity.

We are similarly motivated by the prospect of converting obstacles into opportunity. Modern financial markets can appear equally perilous, especially when they evolve at a breakneck pace. Therefore, let us guide you through the most demanding market conditions, facilitating and fulfilling your investment objectives.

Hearkening back to the partnership model of symbiotic client interaction, we want to put the word “relationship” back into the broker and customer equation. We place an emphasis on our shared success and value creation above the bottom line.

Overcoming barriers and obstacles is our team’s mantra and you have the opportunity to be our partner on this journey. The trading and financial services industry is undergoing rapid change as crisis leads to new opportunity. Share in our vision and come join our partnership as we conquer the markets together.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Louis Roche has spent the last number of years on the road working within the Capital Markets & Fintech Industry.

Hailing from County Cork Republic of Ireland, louis recently returned to Ireland after many years working within Capital markets in the Middle East, Africa, Asian, North America and Eastern Europe.

Having held positions like senior Trading specialist With Markets.com, Chief Market Analyst With Global Capital Markets Trading In Sandton Johannesburg and CEO Currency Hedger, louis also Completed the trader and Company Examination to Deutsche Börse.

Louis currently resides over TodayMarkets.com, CurrencyHedger.com, Woohoo Merchant.com, WoohooPay.com and various other brands within the Roche Fintech Group.

Woohoo Bank


Today Markets provides: Innovative Liquidity, Technology and Credit Solutions to institutional traders allowing them to trade effortlessly. All client positions are systematically and instantly passed through to a Bank, non bank or ECN liquidity provider for execution. Fund managers have been drawn to the reliability, simplicity and robustness of Today Markets’ core DMA offering. Today Markets Enables traders to transact anonymously on aggregated pricing, streamed real-time. 

Our Promise

We are committed to bringing a value-added experience to the financial services industry for our stakeholders. As a privately held entity, we are dedicated to our clients, not shareholders. At the same time, we are socially minded and motivated, striving to improve the world by investing globally in development projects.

Just as we seek to educate our clients to guarantee their own success, we want to advance and develop the world by empowering communities. Ethics and morals are a strong piece of our culture.

Integrated and accredited with over 60 acquirers across the globe.

From a full end-to-end payment gateway to modular solutions, covering all your payment requirements in the forever changing payment processing landscape. We bring together everything that’s required to build websites and apps that accept payments and send payouts globally.

Woohoo Bank

Providing a Professional Service
Since 2013

Currency Hedger Online offer several different currency products that will help you transfer money to and from the UK, Ireland and Globally, securely and efficiently. Secure an exchange rate to make your international payment within two working days.

Certifications And Credibility

The pillars of our business include honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Therefore we pledge to provide the most competent advisors while offering the best support system.

We take a fiduciary approach to our clients, offering a platform of multi-tiered advisory to ensure the best services for your account.

Our certifications and credibility stand for themselves, so why settle for the old financial services model? Come join a firm where your interests come first. We are always on call.

Woohoo Bank
Giving Our SMEs Control

We put SME customers in charge of their finances with income and expense management. No credit history? No problem. We lend to SMEs, armed with insight and in-depth understanding, and help them overcome their biggest obstacle: financial administration.

  • Income & Expenses.
  • Budget.
  • Provisioning.
  • Periodic Payments.
Louis Roche Market Analysis

Roche Fintech Ireland

Currently, Roche Fintech is working with several customers worldwide in enterprise side, involving verticals like CFD Brokers, Tel-cos, Hospitality, Banking, Healthcare, Automotive, and Retail sectors.

Bridging the gap between market and your goals.

With us, there are no borders. Since 2013, our foreign exchange solutions have been working across all industries, and removing global financial barriers many organization’s face. Welcome to a company that will bring you into the future of online financial & AI Technologies.


With various packages available to start your business , some of which start with Zero costs so your early growth stage of your business will not be drowned by cost after cost. Let us do the hard work for you. Woohoo Bank is a trading brand of Roche Fintech Ireland.

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